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Nanoceramics are ceramic materials that have nanotechnology-based processes involved in their production.

What are Nanoceramics?

Nanoceramics have been defined in two ways. In the past, they have been defined as ceramics produced with some form of nanotechnology involved in the production process. Presently, however, a more specific definition is used: nanoceramics are ceramic materials comprised of particles of a certain size, usually 100 nanometers diameter or less. These nanoceramics may be more advanced versions of previously used ceramics, or they may be new types of ceramics made possible by the use of nanotechnology in the manufacturing process. Indeed, the development of new ceramics is perhaps the main area of research in the field of nanoceramics.

Properties of Nanoceramics

Nanoceramics have a number of properties that distinguish them from ceramics of a more standard particle size. The first is that due to the smaller size of their constituent particles, nanoceramics present more surface area to anything they come into contact with. This can have benefits in applications where a high reaction rate is needed: since the nanoceramic has a greater surface area, more of it is able to react quickly with the targeted reactant.

Due to their particle size, nanoceramics can also display improved insulating or conducting properties, depending on the nanoceramic being manufactured.

Applications of Nanoceramics

Nanoceramics have applications in many present and emerging technologies. Due to their insulating and/or conducting properties, nanoceramics have uses in the construction of the next generation of high-speed computer chips, and in other aspects of electronics. For the same reasons, they also have applications in power generation. In medicine, nanoceramics are staring to be used to develop new bone implants and artificial organs, since working at the nanoscale allows device manufacturers to fine-tune how the implant will interact with the human body, thus improving the chance of the body accepting it.

Aside from these, nanocermaics have applications in space exploration, weapons manufacturing, construction, consumer goods and transport.

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